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Our productsWe have multiple solutions to facilitate your auction sales.

Auction Bots

Obamo - Auction solutions

Our auction bots will improve you auction sales. They are always available, always focus on their tasks, responsive and efficients. And they come with a bunch of features that will make your sale management easier.

Auction Bid

Obamo - Auction solutions

Our auction bid solution will bring the power of live auction bidding to your existing website. With our without the Bots option, your customers will be able to bid directly on your website, instead of using a partner portal. And you'll get a complete report at the end of the sale.

Auction Portal

Obamo - Auction solutions

A complete portal solution for your auction website. Handcrafted to your need, we have a complete solution for your auction portal, including stocks, slips, sales, invoicing, online payment, profiles, .... It also comes with a real-time console with multiple outputs (manager, auctioneer, phone operators, display and customer bidding) and a live video streaming (with less than a second of delay).

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Frequently asked questionsAll you need to know.

This feature will be available soon.

Click Register on the right side of the top bar. Enter your email address and the password of your choice. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Click the link provided to confirm your email address. You can then identify yourself via the Login button (just next to the previous button). Once connected, go to My profile to complete your information (address, company name, VAT number, etc.). Once your profile has been validated by our services, you will have access to our private portal and all its functions.

The Bots have been programmed to perform all actions required by a partner console, console by console. They are driven by our Manager Console, which will therefore be the only console that will have to be handled by a human. When a partner console receives a bid, the Bot identifies it and reports it to the Manager Console. When the Manager Console performs an action (bid, closing a lot, going to the next lot, etc.), it notifies the Bots, which reports these actions on their respective partner consoles.

To work, the Bots must therefore be initialized at the same time as the partner management console to which they are linked. For example, if you work with 3 partners, you will need to initialize 3 Bots. These can be launched on the same machine, or on several, as they support multithreading and communicate with the Manager Console via the Internet.

Bots offer multiple advantages as an assistance to clerks:

  • Reliable availability: they are always available, 24/7. 
  • Unwavering focus: their mind never stray nor wander, they have no natural urgence and do not need breaks. They operate without any downtime, even through lengthy auction sales.
  • Impeccable fairness: honesty is their natural policy. They don't try to raise up the price by reaching the limit of an autobid. They don't do mistakes neither. 

We particularly insist on the fact that our Bots are not programmed to manipulate a sale. They merely assist the clerk, and do no manipulative or malicious actions.

Booking and managing a sale is quite simple and fast. You will need to communicate a date and time for the sale, select the partner consoles with which you plan to work, any additional services, to finalize by paying the due amount. Once the payment has been validated, your sale is accessible in the My auctions section of our application. That's all...

You can activate or deactivate purchase orders and the reserve price at any time (our Manager Console bids for you), upload your sales catalog and your purchase orders (spreadsheet format, XLS, XLSX or CSV), your photos if you want to use our Display Console in your sales room. You can also customize the Manager Console and Display Console to your colors. Once your catalog is finalized, lock it, and you're all set for sale day.

This product is available on offer only. Contact us for more info.

This product is available on offer only. Contact us for more info.

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